Happy Saturday, ev’rybody! Hot on the heels of John John’s happy tail, we have another one to share. Pepper has gone home!

We knew it wouldn’t take long for this precious, sweet and loving little girl to find a home. We were actually surprised it took five months, but she’s found her new family and they are wonderful.

Jack and Rena Brown were finally ready to adopt a new baby after the loss of their Aussie two years ago to cancer. They knew there was something missing in their lives since they had always had dogs. They saw Pepper’s photo, read her description, and knew she was the one to fill that void.

She went home with them week before last, and the transition has been seamless. She is already house trained and is a super-spoiled baby, which she deserves to be as she has so much “spoiling” to give in return. She goes on long daily walks, loves to snuggle, and woos her parents with her gentle soul every day. She’ll be heading to the beach and mountains soon!

She is now known as Sugar because of her “oh, so sweet” disposition and the dusting of white on her nose. Awe.

Thank you to the Browns for giving her the second shot at life. We know she will give you nothing but love everyday.

If you missed the chance to adopt Pepper and/or would love a dog similar to her, her brother, Cole, is still available for adoption. He, too, loves cuddling and playing and has a tongue pose you can’t resist. He misses his sister and would love to find his forever home.