The Obligatory Vent

The world of rescue can be overwhelming. Knowing you want to save the them all but just can’t save them all has its own punches to our spirits, but you learn to roll with the tide.

Then you rescue some amazing dogs … and it takes an amazingly-long time to find them homes. What can we say? We’re very particular about adopted parents. Nothing personal—ever, never—but we know what many of these dogs have been through before and in what environments in which they have failed — and in what environments in which they will thrive.

We want to do our “due diligence” in making sure that the second time is the last time. Not everyone agrees with us or likes us because of that — and that’s OK. We know our dogs are always safe, loved and cared for at rescue, so that doesn’t “scare” us as much as if we were a kill shelter. We never (ever, never) give up hope that, that right family for that right dog is out there.

The Overwhelming Joy

When we find just the right family for just the right dog (and we always do eventually), it makes us smile. But when just that right family who keeps in touch with us about their right dog, it gives us the bump we need to keep doing this in our free time away from our day jobs.

And when they send us updates like this? Well … we cry a little bit … but smile a lot more.

Congratulations, Penny! You’ve hit the Jackpot, baby! Check out this awesome update from mom and dad and, of course, her brother, Mark.

Update on Penny

“We can hardy believe this month is Penny’s adoptaversary and are so grateful to Georgia Jack Russell Rescue, all the volunteers and Mike and Lily who took care of her until we found each other.

Thought you might like an update, of course, it is hard not to mention Mark when you talk about Penny since they are truly inseparable.

Penny nuzzled her way into our hearts from day one, second day she was sleeping in our bed cuddled up with Mark. You see they are both spoiled, and I am their concierge! I knew it was a perfect match when Mike and Lily brought her to our home to do the due diligence necessary for adoption. Penny picked up Mark’s bone and promptly began chewing on it, he just watched. She ran after him in the yard barking like a seal and they haven’t slowed down yet. She has grown accustomed to goat milk with breakfast and watches to be sure I go to the fridge.

The backyard is their “barn hunt,” and her mole catch is up to 6 and 1 chipmunk, she waits for a clumsy squirrel to fall out of the tree. We have always had two dogs, but never have we had two as close as Mark and Penny. He actually looks after her in the yard!

I have attached a few photos and again want to praise the great selfless work you all do for these babies. We missed the reunion due to a little mishap but will be there next year. Rest assured, Penny is in great hands and paws and dearly loved. Thank you!