Guess who has “left the building” … and won’t be coming back … Miss Penelope!

This fluffy ball of joy left the rescue in December for foster care with former GA JRT rescues, Susie and Pumpkin, who adopted our volunteers, Jennifer and James Roose, several years ago, and former GA JRT rescue, Chuckie, who adopted Jennifer’s mom in 2012.

As you may remember, Miss P arrived at rescue in September. She was still on the mend after losing her tail following a surgery for a fractured pelvis. This little tailless wonder is a bundle of fun … and energy! She needed individual focus to learn some basic commands and find ways to burn off all that puppy energy.

We all know Pumpkin is an agility queen, and the girls spend a lot of time at the dog park, playing and learning new things. Penelope joined them and fit right in … She also fit right into grandpa’s lap. After all, he needed his own dog to call his own …

And, so, that’s exactly what has happened.

Congratulations, Penelope, on going the gang! We know you will get as much exercise as TLC as you could ever need … and we look forward to seeing you again on volunteer days or special events. 🙂