Our Name May Change, but our Mission Will Remain the Same

We just wanted to give everyone a heads up about this if you hear different versions of our name being tossed around. This has always been the case, but we will become more “official” over the next few weeks and months.

We will begin changing our branding from Georgia Jack Russell Adoption to Georgia Jack Russell Rescue & Sanctuary. That doesn’t mean we won’t have adoptable dogs and that we will not do everything within our power to find all of our dogs forever homes. That has always and will always be our goal.

That being said, we are well aware that many of our beautiful babies either have permanent medical issues and/or are gracefully aging. These are both realities which, unfortunately, make them “less adoptable” to the general pet parent public.

Changing our name to Georgia Jack Russell Rescue & Sanctuary will better identify us as to what we are doing right now, which is trying to provide a safe haven for these (previously) unwanted sweethearts.

As many of you know, we are a very small Mom and Pop organization who relies completely on donations and volunteers from the general public. We need all the help we can get. Changing our name will better position us to find financial means to help these guys and gals until some big-hearted humans adopt and take them home. With limited help and donations, this has been very difficult the past couple of years. We don’t want to have to close like so many rescues have and we don’t want to have to change the quality of life we have given these dogs. They deserve the best we can give them after what they have been through.

So, please, call us whatever feels appropriate to you – adoption, rescue or sanctuary. We do it all. Just know that our name may change, but our mission will remain the same.