Mavis has been adopted! We will replace with the Brewsters’ next selection soon.

About the Brewsters

The entire Brewster family has been an integral part of rescue since the fall of 2013. They are four-time fosters (only one time a “fail”) and they provide something to rescue that only few can: A bridge between abandonment to adoption; a chance for every dog they take home to grow, trust and become awesome.

They lost their 17-year-old Jack, Micky, and their other JRT, Micky, was not happy about it … not happy at all. He needed a friend. They decided they wanted to foster and, if they found just the right dog for Alphie, they would adopt. Sam turned out to be the lucky one and lived with them several months before he was scooped up and adopted by a lovely family in Florida.

Before Sam left, they decided to help us during a critical time and foster another dog. This time, it was for a really special boy (then named Breeze), who arrived malnourished with a broken leg. After three long months of giving him lots of TLC during his mandatory crate rest and healing–and affectionately renaming Ossa (Latin for bones)–they decided that he was the one and made it official.

But did helping Sam get adopted and even adopting Ossa stop them from fostering again? Nope! In the fall of 2014, they took home Sparky, who lasted a whole month before getting adopted, and then returned a couple months later for Mavis. She has done beautifully, and we are all surprised that she is still with us/them. Let’s see if we can change that!

In addition to providing both an amazing temporary and a permanent home to our rescues, this wonderful family also volunteers their time for our dogs. We can’t tell you how they kicked @$$ at our spring vol day, going above and beyond and pressure washing the dog houses and beds! They help us do what we do for the dogs each and every day.

Brewsters and Mavis