Tessa’s Story

Hello, everyone! Little Tessa here. You bet, I’m adorbs! I arrived at the rescue in March, but was very scared of everything and everyone. You see, I’m not very old (maybe a year, if that) and everything is still new to me. Instead of embracing it like the little Terrier/Corgi I am, I was letting everything scare me.

So, off to “puppy camp” I went for a little while to learn from Isis Maria and former GA JRT rescue, Chad, of Heavenly Pet Photography. They’re (OK, their humans are) really good at fostering pups like me who need to learn a lot of things — everything from sharing toys to trusting people. I surprised everyone with how great I already was at house training! No help needed there. Yay! I also showed them how great I walk on a leash.

I had a great time while I was there and truly learned to be a puppy. I learned commands and tricks — and, of course, I tried to show them that I was smarter than them sometimes. Silly humans, I’m a Terrier! Most of all? I learned trust and that people I don’t know are OK. By the time I left, cuddling was one of my favorite things to do.

I’m now back at rescue and ready to roll to a new home. Although I’ve learned a lot of good stuff, I’m still a puppy and need a lot of positive reinforcement and training from someone who has raised puppies — especially JRT/Corgi puppies. We’re smarter than your average Jack, you know … or, at least, we think we are.

I still like to rush through doors, dig under fences, and treat human hands like toys — you know, all stuff that can easily be corrected with patience and consistence. I’m also always wound up, so it’s important I learn to take some time outs to relax — or that you’re high-energy like me. (Wink, wink) I’m a little “jumpy” around strange men at first, but warm up quickly with treats and playtime.

As mentioned above, I will need to be fostered or adopted by an experienced “puppy raiser.” I would really love to have another young dog who loves to play (nonstop!), but can also teach me how to be a great adult dog. Because I can still be mouthy when I play, no small children, please.

How to Help


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