Sweetie Pie (formerly Candy)

“Sweetie Pie is an absolute delight. She is the most affectionate dog we have ever owned! She was by my side the whole time I was recovering from the knee surgery and was such a comfort.

She plays really hard, too. She loves to eviscerate stuffed dog toys and even tears apart the ones with no stuffing. She has a huge basket filled with toys that she drags in and out of the basket. The house has tennis balls everywhere as she loves to fetch and chew on them. She has rejuvenated our other dog, Perdita, with all her vitality, and they get along well. As a matter of fact, Perdita seems to have watched Sweetie Pie and she is now more affectionate than before.

We have a large fenced yard that has a hill and lots of ivy and shrubs, and she loves to hunt. The first month we had her she caught a squirrel and a snake!

We totally enjoy Sweetie and are thrilled with her. Thanks for all that you guys do for rescue dogs.”

– Leslie Garrett and Chuck Warren