I will never forget that October day that my mom, Sadie, and I all headed to the Rescue to hopefully add another member to our family.  Our JRT mix, Sadie Susan, is very selective about her friends 😉 and we hoped and prayed that she would find someone to get along with at the Rescue.  

We were met by Kevin and Elisa, and they agreed to walk the three of us around and meet all the sweet babies.  I will never forget the very first one we met–Sparky.  He was barking, wagging his little tail, and so excited.  Sparky just seemed like such a happy little guy!

 Sadie and Sparky then began their “speed date.”  The date went very smooth, thanks to Kevin and Elisa, and we knew Sparky was the perfect addition to our family.  Then began Sparky’s journey home to Mississippi.  Sparky, like his sister and I, will always be a Georgian, but he currently resides in Mississippi.

Shortly after Sparky arrived in Mississippi, Halloween came.  Sparky and Sadie helped pass out candy to all the children in the neighborhood.  They even, reluctantly of course, dressed up as inmates!  We decided this was only fitting since both of their parents are police officers!

Then came November.  This meant a visit from Sparky’s grandmother and Thanksgiving.  Sparky just thought he was in heaven, chasing squirrels out of his backyard, and then, Thanksgiving cooking and baking started.  Sadie is quite familiar with the excitement in the kitchen beginning at the end of November, but Sparky was not.  Luckily, Sadie showed Sparky “the ropes” in the kitchen and he enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner just as much as the rest of his family!

Santa Paws and Christmastime came in December! Sparky had a hard time waiting until December 25 to open his presents under the tree, but who can blame the little guy!  Sparky helped with more baking and cooking for Christmas dinner and decided Christmas was more exciting than Thanksgiving.  Sparky and Sadie were both very good in 2014 and Santa Paws was good to them!

Sparky has spent 2015 running around his backyard without a care in the world, playing with his sister, and taking trips to Petco.  Sparky keeps the squirrels out of the yard and is the first to let us know when someone walks by the front of the house.  He loves to play in the mudd and get dirty, 100% boy!  We could not have found a better little addition to our family and we look forward to more adventures with Sparky as spring begins!

– Heather Evans