Pumpkin, Suzie, Chuckie & Penelope

Pumpkin came to me as a foster in August of 2011. She only weighed 7 lbs. She currently weighs 14 lbs.. After a few days of foster at my home, I took her out to the barn to ride in the carriage. She hopped up on the seat like she was born to be there. I decided I was keeping her. Pumpkin has been the perfect example of what a rescue dog can achieve. She has done advanced level obedience, advanced agility, and shown in Carriage Dog classes at horse shows. Pumpkin has also been the ‘Poster Pup’ for the Rescue for many years.

Susie was left abandoned at a high kill shelter after being shot with a shot gun and five newborn puppies at her side in March of 2012. I fostered her after she needed to have her puppies weaned. She was nearly catatonic, suffering from liver issues, heartworm, and riddled with buckshot. The whole family fell in love with her the minute we brought her home. After some socialization and a few puppy classes, she turned into our bouncy bundle of love. She competed with her sister as a carriage dog until December of 2015.

Chuckie was a foster that was only meant to stay only over Christmas in 2013. My mother fell in love with the beagle mix. He had leash aggression issues and needed to learn some manners about living in a house, but he fit in perfectly. He became Grandma’s spoiled little boy very quickly. He went to a beginner obedience class and graduated. In Grandma’s eyes, he only needs to look cute to get what he wants. He is tolerant of constantly playing dress up. His picture placed third in the Tipsy Terrier Contest. He didn’t complain once about wearing that pink bow.

Penelope came from a puppy mill bust in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When she came to the rescue, she had to have her tail amputated. It was also noticed that she had a cracked pelvis. I fostered Penelope when the weather turned harsh around December. She needed time outside the kennels to socialize. She hit it off with Chuckie, and they refused to be separated. As her time came to an end, we realized that she had many special needs. We had her x rayed and found not only had her pelvis been broken, but her hips as well. She would need life-long care and monthly stem therapy. Our family decided that we would be happy to do this. She just graduated from obedience class, a feat that is huge for her. It is hard for her to handle repeated sit and down commands. We are content to spoil her rotten.

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– Jennifer Roose