Penny’s from Heaven

Penny came into our lives unexpectedly!

It all began with Mark, our Jack Russell/Bassett rescue who is about two years old. You see we had promised ourselves no more dogs, having lost our two lifelong (16 and 12 yrs) companions within six months of each other. Our hearts were broken, and we didn’t think there could ever be room in our hearts from another dog, much less two.

That all changed with Mark, who warmed our hearts and souls and we soon realized would love to have a friend.  Along comes Penny!  She and Mark were fast friends at daycare. I had watched them play on the webcam and had no idea she was being fostered by loving people like, Mike and Lily.

Mentioning to Robyn at Dogphoria that it was time for a playmate, she quickly suggested that Penny would be a perfect match!  I knew that was true and began the application process. (Our grandaughter even said a prayer that we would get her.) Prayers are answered and Penny is ours … hence, Penny from Heaven!  

She and Mark play endlessly … night and day … inside and outside. They both have the prey instinct, and Penny checks every tree every morning for low-hanging squirrels. She then makes sure the chipmunks know she is up and on patrol. 

Day 2 she decided if Mark slept in bed, then she should, too, so now she snuggles in with all of us. Our hearts are full of love for this wonderful girl and she and Mark were truly meant to be together … I have never seen two dogs who love each other like these two!

We are grateful to Georgia Jack Russell and especially to Mike and Lily for fostering her!

– Suzy & Bob Durkis