As of Jan. 6, my husband Garrett and I have been the proud parents of Millie for 4 months. It still amazes me that’s its already been 4 months, yet also amazes me its only been that long!  It feels like she has been with us forever!  Millie has been an absolutely perfect addition to our family.  I can’t help but think she waited that year and a half just so that she could find us at just the right time.  

Since finding us, Millie has graduated from her beginner training class, dressed as a pirate for Halloween, dressed in a very cute Christmas sweater for our “Ugly Christmas Sweater” Party, and had her first Christmas as a member of our family.  She has also been a sight for sore eyes after long days at work, and is a great cuddle buddy!  She always manages to provide us comfort when we need it most. 

In December, my husband’s grandfather passed away, and though she had only met Grampie twice, she adored him. In her two visits with him, she wanted to do nothing but cuddle with him. He absolutely adored her, and always raved about how great a dog she was, and how lucky we were to have gotten her.  I could not agree more with his sentiment! When he passed away in December, Millie immediately recognized the sadness and grief in my husband and me. As we grieved, she remained close to us at all times, keeping contact whenever possible.

Millie has also been great with our nieces. Our 2-year-old niece absolutely adores her, and loves to play with Millie whenever she comes over.  Millie is extremely calm and patient with children and very friendly.  She sits and waits for children to pet her and never jumps.  It is exciting to know that when we eventually have children of our own, she will be a great big sister!

Garrett and I truly could not be more happy! We are truly grateful for everyone at Georgia Jack Russell Rescue for taking care of her for a year and a half, and for making the hard decision to send her up to New Hampshire. Without that decision, we would never have met the perfect addition to our family!

– Becca Allan