Hunter has been adopted! We will replace with Lily’s next selection soon.

About Lily

Lily Goldstein and her husband, Mike, came to rescue in March of 2013 to, well, rescue! They weren’t planning to adopt for awhile–until they were in their new home–but they met all of the dogs and little Carson (then known as Zack) stole their hearts. They took him home for a trial and that was that. He became theirs.

The couple had volunteered with bigger rescues here in Atlanta and in Chicago. They loved it, but didn’t feel like they were making as big of a difference as they could with a small rescue. They were impressed with the way our rescues are loved and treated (i.e., home away from home) and wanted to get more involved … and involved they got!

Within months, they were out here every weekend, playing with the dogs, learning the ropes and coming up with ideas on how to make things better. In June 2014, Lily filled a huge gap we had in taking over screening, interviewing and arranging meet ‘n greets for potential applicants. She has now become the “first face” of rescue, making the initial contact and always looking out for the greater good of our rescues and our adopters.

Oh … and did we mention? She and Mike also fostered and then adopted our handsome, special-needs senior Cobb. That’s good as “gold.” (Yeah, we said it.)

Lily and Hunter