Hello fine folks and Georgia JRT Rescue Community!  It’s me Landon, or Lanny, as my new forever family likes to call me.  I know so many of you watched my shelter video and were very interested in my well-being when I first arrived at rescue, so my mom and dad thought it best for me to tell my story.  And I have so much to say!

It all started when my parents visited their adult children and their dogs during Thanksgiving. The adult children, we’ll call them Mike and Lily, decided to bring me home with them as a foster before my parents came into town.  My mom and dad had been “dogless” for four years after losing their JRTs of 15 years and were committed to just having grand-dogs.  They loved their JRTs, who were named Jackie and Gaston, but Jackie and Gaston could be a bit of a challenge since they weren’t good with other dogs and my parents couldn’t bring them everywhere.  The emotional toll of their loss was also very hard on my mom and dad. But enough of the sad stuff!

Back to Thanksgiving. My mom and dad met me and got to spend lots of time with me when they visited.  ily and Mike thought there was a 10% chance that they would adopt me, since mom said “she was going to be strong.”  Well, I worked my magic and was just my special self, and it worked!  Each day that passed, mom and dad realized that there was no way I was getting adopted by anyone else!  Simply put, I am perfect (not to brag or anything), but I really am! My mom and dad didn’t think that a JRT like me existed!  I love all people, dogs, and even those huge “dogs” (I think they are called horses) don’t phase me.

I am loving my new life in Charleston and am so happy!  But most importantly, my mom and dad couldn’t be happier. I spend my days strolling around downtown, going out to cool lunch spots, exploring all of the landmarks, and making new friends! And the best part is that I get to go everywhere with my parents!  Everyone who walks by me says hello and tells me how cute I am.  Maybe I should get an agent and start acting. Or maybe I can become a therapy dog and put even more smiles on people’s faces. What an adventure my new life has been so far, and I can’t wait for more!

When I am not exploring the world, I get to snuggle on the couch with my mom and dad.

Well, that’s my story!  Here are some photos from my travelogue.  I promise to keep everyone on the Facebook page updated 🙂