Jax’s Story

Howdy! Jax here. I know what you’re thinking — that ain’t no Jack! But you know the folks here: It’s all for the love of dog.

I actually lived near one of the rescue’s volunteers/fosters awhile back. I was daddy’s dog, but daddy had to leave. Mom was scared of me and basically kept me in the garage for about six months. I can’t imagine why anyone would be scared of me, though. I’m a silly, fun-loving, intelligent boy. I was bursting with puppy energy, though, and I guess not everyone is a dog person.

Fortunately, our volunteer/foster is a BIG dog person, so Mom turned me over to her. I stayed at her place for a few months to get some socialization with other dogs and learn some manners that every good puppy needs to know.

Now I’m at rescue and ready to be networked and shared with everyone. They call me a “hound dog,” but you can see the Pointer in me. I would be a fabulous dog for someone who wants to focus on sports or obedience. I definitely need more training (I’m not great on a leash yet and I play a little rough with other dogs), but I’m very attentive, intelligent and ready to learn.

I’m around two years old, around 40 lbs., healthy, vetted and ready to roll!

How to Help


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