I got my JRT Jackson or “Jack” at Donna’s shelter back in 2007! Way before Facebook was what it is now. I was so thrilled to find the page last year and love seeing the posts.

I did not keep in touch with Donna, not even sure she would remember me after 7 years. I was in grad school and finally out of apartment living and wanted a little dog with a big dog personality…. And somehow stumbled upon the JRT rescue  website. Donna wouldn’t admit it, but I could tell she was apprehensive to let one of her babies go to a young college girl who had never had a dog of her own and may not understand the commitment the JRT breed needs. I could tell he was one of her favorites as tears filled her eyes when I left with him.

Well, this dog as been my best friend and greatest joy in my life! He was estimated then to be around 2 yrs, now estimated around 9 yrs and not much has changed except a few pounds and some more white hairs. He has been there with me through school, boards, moving 4 times, back to apartment life in Atlanta, and now marriage and Southern Georgia living with a big (fenced) back yard to run in. He is a constant source of laughter and companionship for my husband and me. I only pray he lives 9 more years!!

I just want to thank the Georgia Jack Russell rescue team for their dedication to this wonderful breed. You and your pups touch more people than you know.

– Christi Jenkins