Ingrid (formerly Gracie’s baby Rosie)

I adopted Ingrid (in the summer of 2014).  She is everything I wasn’t looking for in a dog: female, petite, dominant….but she’s perfect and changed my mind as soon as she ran around the yard at the farm!

She’s been doing great! She gets along with her fur siblings really well. Her Corgi sister has actually lost a good amount of weight because Ingrid has her up and moving. I have a socialized her really well with dogs, cats, and people. She even met Sugar Gliders and they survived! Because I work at a vet clinic, I’m able to bring her to work and she was potty trained in 3 days via a potty ball on the door.

We did have a little hiccup early this fall that involved a grade 3 of 4 luxating patella. We decided to go ahead and do the surgery with the orthopedist. She was released to full activity at the beginning of December and she hasn’t missed a beat.

She has a really large dominant personality and is very persistent.  From sun up to sun down she’s all about her tennis balls, hedgehogs,  nylabone dinosaurs,  and her chuckit. My house had been an animal retirement home for the last several years so it’s been different having a young pup.

Thank you so much for all you do and thank you so much for Ingrid. She’s helped me so much with my grieving since losing my George.  I couldn’t haved asked for more with her. 

– Annie Harris