We have or phones full of pictures of our baby. Our doggie loves to run with us, chasing all the squirrels he sees, being in the lap of everybody that he meets and lots and lots of TLC. 

At the beginning, he was not eating a lot, but I think it was because of the Doxy (he was being treated a second round for heartworms). Now he is eating normal and loving treats. We brush him constantly and put clothes and costumes (on him). He does not seem to mind.  He already has a lot clothes; soon, he is going to need a closet just for him. His favorite toy is a squeaky squirrel and (he is) still afraid of thunderstorms.

We have taken Hunter to couple of parks and even to Puerto Rico, so he could meet our family and to assist a wedding. Hunter stole the spotlight, and the photographer took lots of pictures of our photogenic dogie. Unfortunately, we still do not have any pics. 

Thanks for our doggie and for all the hard work that all of you do,

– Somaris Román