Early last summer, I saw Georgia (formerly Mama Mia) on the JRT Adoptions Facebook page, she most certainly caught my eye, but we’d had our beloved JRT, Marlie, for 10 years as an only dog, so my husband and I just weren’t sure that adding another female to the crew would be a good idea. We started to look for a male dog, but before we found a perfect match, Marlie became sick and started what would be a three-month battle with IMHA. Sadly, she passed away in August.

It didn’t take us long to realize that we missed having a pup in our lives, so the first thing I thought to check was to see if Georgia was still available. As fate would have it, she was still at the rescue (waiting on us, I presume). We live just north of Roanoke, VA, but a few days later, I was able to make the trip down to Georgia to meet her. I can only say it was love at first sight. Before I knew it, we were in the car and headed home.

Georgia has been home with us now for three months, and I think it’s safe to say we couldn’t be a happier bunch. She loves hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains, going for rides in the car, and visiting my parents farm, where she can run with her best friend River (who is, go figure, a Blue Heeler, like her former man/babies). She also is the proud owner of a new custom dog bed that I made for her.

I would never wish for a dog to have a long stay in rescue, but this time it worked out in our favor. We just love Georgia and are so grateful to GA JRT Rescue for saving her and housing her long enough for her to find her way into our hearts and our home!

~ Jenna & Walter