Frazier re-located to Tennessee when my current JRT, Neely, came to the ranch to speed-date for her new brother. Frazier was not on the short list of guys for her to check out because of his reputation. He was famous – or is that infamous? – for rearranging the hay in his kennel, digging escape tunnels, and generally being a lovable little hellion. Neely’s also a digger, and the last thing I needed or wanted was another digger – I had enough holes in my back yard.

There were three eligible guys on our list. Two of them didn’t click with Neely and the other didn’t click with me. After much discussion with awesome volunteers, Kevin and Elisa Schwutke, they suggested having Neely meet Frazier. After checking each other out, and a couple of kisses for Neely–and lots of them for me–we decided to take a chance and bring Frazier back to Tennessee. And what an awesome decision that was!

Frazier, or Frazier-Man as he is also known, is the sweetest, most laid-back Jack Russell I’ve ever met. His favorite thing is to lie next to me on the sofa, or on the back of it, if his sister has beaten him to the spot next to me. He and Neely regularly patrol the fence-line for any encroaching critters in their yard; he loves going to play camp on days I’m traveling; and is always ready for a car ride. Best of all? No new holes have been dug in the yard!

Thank you so much to Mama Donna and the awesome members of Team Russell for saving this sweet boy for me. Neely and I couldn’t love him anymore.

– Anne Ross