In Memory of Enzo

Enzo (named after a spunky cartoon character) was that extra special dog — he was the first dog that was “my” dog. I was careful about breed personality researching in late high school, and by my second year of college, I knew I wanted a Jack Russell. Enzo chose me — he promptly plopped into my lap, and it was love! He remained my constant companion for a little over 14.5 years and through many phases of my life: living at home with my parents while attending college…moving off on my own (many years of just me and him!)…and then getting married a few years ago. 

He was one of those dogs who had to do absolutely everything with me. If he wanted to play outside, he wouldn’t be happy until I followed him. No matter what room of the house I was in, he would have to be there with me (or at least close by). When working from home, he would be curled up by my side. Now that he’s gone, I’m finding that absolutely everything I do reminds me of him. 

Enzo had a cheerful, joyful attitude his entire life. Though he showed a marked decline in his toy interest his last year, he was still spunky enough that he loved to sprint loops around the house (and trying to leap off the porch, skipping steps), even up to several days before his passing. Sadly, this made it a shock when his body suddenly told him it was time.

It was a blessing, though, that he had a long life of such pure joy and love of life. If he made someone laugh, it would cause him goof off even more in an attempt to get even more laughs! If I cried, he would come up to me and push up my arm with his nose so that I’d be “forced” to hug him…or he would lick until he could get me to laugh. I know he wouldn’t want me to cry now… but the loss of such a personality leaves a big hole. I’m hoping to honor that joyful spirit he had… I hope he can spread some of that joy he had in life, even though he’s no longer on this earth.

No matter how many years, the parting is always too soon. They say that “everyone thinks their dog is the best… and they’re all right.” Enzo was my perfect little buddy. Do what you do and keep making people smile, little one.

– Christin Winston