Penny has been adopted! We will replace with Donna’s next selection soon.

About Donna

After losing her 17-year-old rescue Terrier/Italian Greyhound, Donna Ioannidis (aka Wonder Donna) found us online in 2013. She wasn’t quite ready to adopt again, but she wanted to help out a rescue.

And help out, she has! We are blessed to this day that she chose us. Not only does she help with anything and everything we need–from scooping poop to helping  out at special events–she also brings the volunteers and festival-goers the most incredible desserts you have ever tasted.

Like most of the members of Team Russell, she is also a two-time “foster failure.” Her initial intention was to foster one of our seniors, who are her favorites, but a young Isabella (who screamed every day at rescue) needed her more. Suffice it to say, Izzy was totally content in a home, settled right in and made it her own. That’s OK, though, Donna more than got her opp to rescue a special senior when Ricky came to live in her foster care last year. He quickly won over his not-so-easy-to-impress sister Iz’s heart … and he stole mom and dad’s as well.

Donna and Penny