Curtis’ Story

Hey, there, everyone! Curtis here. I arrived at rescue from the Cherokee shelter (I was Jake there) in early September 2017.

I’m a handsome, young, happy boy, but I was special because I’m slight heartworm positive, a little bigger (around 25 lbs.) and longer legged than your usual purebred Jack Russell or Parson Terrier. They tease me that I’m a “hound dog” because I’m just so laid-back and loving.

I live for love, hugs, and positive reinforcement. I’m quite possibly the sweetest, most “handsomeness” loverboy you’ll ever meet. But I guess I don’t have “manners,” as they say, because I want to jump up on (nicely, I think) and hug everyone I meet. Who doesn’t want hugs?! But that’s OK … I guess I will try to learn to be a little more subtle with my hugs and kisses … maybe …

Other dogs are fine; they don’t bother me at all. I sometimes want to be the center of your attention, though, so I might not do well, if your dog is possessive. 

I’m on slow kill now and am going to kick this silly heartworm thing that has seemed to come between potential adopters and me so far. Trust me, I have no idea anything is even going on. If you decide to take me home, you’ll just need to make sure I get my monthly heartworm preventative (i.e., slow kill) and work with the rescue to get me retested in a few months.

Otherwise? I’m young (maybe about 2-3) and feel great! I can’t wait to find a home again where I can sit by your side … or on your lap … I think I weigh 2 lbs. instead of 30, but, once you meet me, you will, too.

How to Help


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