It is with a heavy heart that our family writes to you today. We lost one of our family’s best friends…Cooley

I made the donation to the (Georgia) Jack Russell rescue in his name, because I feel we rescued him when we adopted him as a puppy.

He was sold to us a a pure-bred, but as he grew we knew he was a Jack Russell mix, of what exactly we’re not sure, except that he know he was a Jack mixed with love. 

Love of life. Love for his family. Love for most everything and everyone. He barked at birds or anything with wings. I think he just wanted to fly and soar. He did anyway … the best he could with what he had. He guarded our (his) home and yard on the lake, but was also was a friend to every delivery person because he wanted to get his cookie … and they loved bringing him one. He was headstrong and smart and voiced his opinion … at people … at us … at other dogs. He knew his job was to protect us and did his best at all times.

He loved the lake and the boat and jumping into the water from the boat or swimming after the geese. He loved riding in the boat and even driving it (in his mind, perhaps?). He loved chasing a ball … any time … anywhere. He loved getting muddy from head to toe by the lake and thought he had accomplished something great when he did … and as it always turned out … he did create something great … He created a memory to go with all the other wonderful memories he left us with.

He was one of us, and we’ll miss him. 

You lead a good life, Cooley, and we’re happy to have shared it with you for the time we had together.

See you in heaven, little buddy

Love forever,
– Jeff Smith