Carson came into our lives unexpectedly on March 24, 2013. It all started when we searched online for a Jack Russell rescue in Georgia, and GA JRT Rescue was the first link that came up.

We weren’t planning to welcome a dog into our home for a few months, that is, until we made a “casual” visit to the rescue to learn which dogs were available.  When we got to the rescue, we were so impressed to see how well cared for all of the dogs were, and it was immediately apparent how much Donna, the rescue’s founder, loves every single one.  The dogs have large outdoor enclosures to run around in and access to a large field.  It was also clear how much TLC the volunteers give the dogs, because they all seemed to be so healthy, happy, and well-adjusted.

Donna recommended that we pick a few dogs to interact with to get a sense of their distinct personalities.  She helped us bring the dogs to the field to spend one-on-time with each of them.  Growing up with Jack Russell Terriers and having a fondness and appreciation for the breed, this was somewhat of a difficult task given that all of the dogs were so loving, and of course, energetic.  After spending time with some of the dogs, we decided that we wanted to get to know Carson a little bit better.  To our surprise, Donna suggested that we take him home for a weekend to see how things would go.  We returned to the rescue a week later and picked up Carson for the weekend.

Needless to say, what began as a trial run to see if Carson was the right fit for us immediately turned into a match made in doggy heaven.  Carson was truly meant for our family, and he continues to touch our hearts every day.  My mother even told me that Carson taught her that she could love another dog again, after the passing of our family’s second JRT a year and a half ago.  Carson is a dream come true and everyone who meets him falls in love with his unique “bark bark bark.”  He is spoiled rotten (sleeping under the covers, anyone?), but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Without Donna and the GA JRT family, we would never have found a dog like Carson.  Their commitment to rescuing, rehabilitating, and genuinely helping their dogs learn to trust again is a gift to all of us, and we feel lucky to be a part of the always-expanding family.

– Lily & Mike Goldstein