Hi, everyone! It’s Buster here, although you might remember me better as Rocky. I’ve been very busy the past few months with my new family and I want to take a few minutes to share the highlights!

Adopted life is great! I spent the summer hiking and even waded in creeks and rivers, although I don’t like it when my feet can’t touch the bottom. Next year, I’m getting a kiddie pool and I can’t wait!

My mom left me to hang out with my grandparents when she went on vacation, but she did bring me a sombrero. It tastes amazing! It’s not as good as my homemade dog food, though! Speaking of food, do you think I’ve put on a few pounds? I have heard rumors that I’m getting a little plump, but my mom says I’m perfect 🙂 I do love eating, especially the carrots Grandma feeds me at lunch time!

When I’m not eating, I like to play with my toys until they’re shredded into little pieces, go on long walks and car rides, or take naps. Things I do not like: Dressing as a unicorn and passing out candy on Halloween, wearing sweaters (even though I know I look so cute!), dressing up like Santa (I like to eat hats, not wear them!), and I do not like to be alone! I included some pictures so you can see my sad face when I have to dress up. My mom says it’s good for me to try new things, though, so I think she’s going to keep buying me clothes 🙁

Overall, I’ve had a great few months and the best part about being adopted is realizing how many people love me! I can’t wait for next year when I move to my new house with a big fenced yard where I can run and jump (I love to jump) and splash in my pool! The future is bright for this old boy! Thanks for letting me share my happiness with you all!