I had been a volunteer at the rescue for about six months and was so proud of my “resistance.” Despite the fact that I was in love without at least a dozen dogs there, I had managed to resist their charms and not taken them home. I already had two JRTs at home to keep me busy. That all ended in one quick afternoon when I rolled up and found Mama Donna holding Brodie. “Here’s your next dog!” she teased …

And she was right …

Brodie was running (no tags, no microchip) when he was hit by a car. A good samaritan saw it happen and, while everyone else raced around his body, she pulled over and rushed out to at least move him out of the road. Imagine her surprise when he suddenly popped up and fled … right up under the hood of her car! She tried to get him out, but he wasn’t having any of it. He wasn’t in a dangerous area, so she took the chance, started the car and drove him to the nearest vet.

It just happened to be ours. Amazingly enough, there was no apparent damage from the car wreck.

He stayed at the vet for several weeks while flyers were distributed. No one came forward and they could no longer keep him, so they brought him to Donna. He is a “big” lap dog and was very much a puppy at the time. She had way too many other dogs to deal with without this little “lap hugger” following her around all day. Both of our JRTs were pretty independent, so we were excited to have a snuggler.

And a snuggler he has been the past couple of years.

He is an absolute joy, full of love and tail wags for everyone he meets. Sadly, he is facing surgery for quickly-advancing cataracts. (Doc says it is hereditary at this young of an age; no issues with diabetes.) It hasn’t slowed him down from playing with his pack, which now includes two more GA JRT rescues, Cooper and Fancy.

– Jeana Nolen