Boo (Formerly Damon)

I came to JRT rescue in September, because I was interested in fostering a dog. I had no clue who I wanted, but it was more important that they got along with my two girls, Roo and Sioux. I was introduced and told about all the dogs, but Damon was the one that peaked my interest. However, the crazy thing is, of all the dogs I had seen on their Facebook page, months ago, I saved a picture of him! He had such a sweet story and the fact he had some trouble using his legs made me want to give him love even more.

I decided to foster him, but on the drive home, I just kept thinking about it and decided, as long as everyone got along, I was going to adopt him. The first time I took him for a walk, he kept falling, but that did not stop him from getting up and acting like nothing happened. Within a couple days and some practice, he seemed like a real pro! I even encouraged him to try to jump up one stair and, even though he would fall sometimes when he landed, nothing could stop him from doing and trying! Although he loves both his sisters, Damon (now named Boo) and his sister Sioux have been chasing, playing and snuggling since the day they met. She even taught him how to bark! 

Fast forward three months and my husband and I bought our first house. When we moved in, it didn’t cross my mind that stairs were going to be an issue! Clearly, I was more worried about them than Boo because, within a couple days, he had mastered going up and down four stairs to go play in the yard! I still had to carry him up and down from the first to the second floor, though. He was able to get up a couple on his own, but would give up after that.

One day, however, my husband and I were heading out and I literally turned and said to him, “Let’s leave Boo out; it’s not like he can go anywhere.” When we came home, I couldn’t find him anywhere downstairs, and then heard the clinking of his tags coming from…UPSTAIRS! Our little guy apparently practiced on his own to master the stairs! It is now one of his favorite things to do, and every time he does it, he looks and bounces around, wags his tail uncontrollably, and you can tell how happy he is!

I am tearing up as I write this because I have never met a dog with such joy, determination and happiness. He is a constant reminder to me that giving up is not an option; keep trying and you will figure out a way. Thank you so much to Georgia JRT for making this special boy a part of our family! 

– Beth Sullivan Walker