I adopted Benji in March of 2015 from GA JRT, and it has been nothing but an adventure since then. I could not have pictured a more perfect dog. I didn’t even know a perfect dog existed. Who knew a Jack Russell rescue could be holding one of the cutest Shih-Tzus ever?

Benji is known for his dancing; it made him very popular at the rescue, where it looks like he is either playing the piano or leading an orchestra … you can never tell. I swear he ran away from the circus because one day, on accident, I also discovered he can “play dead.” He came with all of these tricks in his brain!

The day I brought him home I will never forget. He looked at his new home, with his eyes wide and his ears up, and ran around the whole house. He made sure to check out every room in the house and came back to me with a look that said, “This is my house??”, tail wagging so much it was sure to fly off. He was in such shock that all of my house, was now his.

Any time I’m having a bad day, he makes sure to climb into my lap and give me lots of kisses. We visit my parents in Florida, and he loves to drive in the car.

I think he has kept some of the “jack russell” in him because he loves to run around the backyard, and he hops like a bunny.

He helped heal a part of me that was mourning the loss of my old comforter, a cat named Mr. Soxx, who died months prior. I recently moved to Georgia and was longing a companion.

And then Benji came along.

He was the best dog and comforter I could have asked for. If he’s playing with other dogs, he always makes sure to check on me to make sure I’m still okay while he’s busy.

He’s an angel, truly. The rescue will always be part of our family, and Benji is so excited to be celebrating his first Christmas in his forever home.

Shelby & Benji