Baby Girl’s Story

Hello, big world. Baby girl here. Am I cute or what? Yes, I was definitely somebody’s baby girl. I lived with a person who  loved me very much, but, unfortunately, went to the human Rainbow Bridge. I didn’t have anyone else to take care of me, so now I am searching for a new person or family to call my own and return the love I have to give.

I’m an adorable, 16-lb. Terrier/Beagle mix, about 5-6 years old and very sweet, smart, easygoing and fun-loving. I mostly enjoy being with people, belly scratches, cuddling and treats. I will sometimes do a little “tap-dance” and howl when I first see you that makes me even more adorable. I’m wasn’t a fan of other dogs when I first arrived, but have been socializing a lot with others and have warmed up to a lot of dogs. I especially like the cute, little boys. (wink, wink) So, please bring your baby out to meet me, and we’ll see how we hit it off.

I  have a  health issue that makes me extra special. Because of what was probably damage from a prior kidney infection, I can’t “concentrate” my urine. This leads me to wanting to drink obsessively (which, of course, can lead to bloat and additional damage). Fortunately, they have found me a very affordable diabetic medication that is helping me control this. Yay! I have to take it everyday day, but it’s only $30/month and it has worked wonders. The rescue says they will even help with my medications for a few months, if someone will give me the home I deserve.

Other than that small issue, I am nothing short of awesome! Can I be your Baby Girl?

How to Help


If you would like to foster me, please complete our foster form. If you are interested in adopting me, please complete our adoption application. We will follow up with your vet and references, then contact you for more information and/or to arrange a time to come out and meet me.


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