Alex (Formerly Julie)

Julie, now known as Alex (a.k.a. Allie, baby girl, Godzilla, Miss Prissy, Puddin’ and Speckle Butt), officially made us a two-dog family on Oct. 4, 2014. To sum it up… she was meant to be! We have laughed and smiled so much more often since we adopted her. Ode, our 4-1/2 year old Jack, and her are the greatest duo. They are constantly either playing together or laying together. He is still the alpha dog, but we are certain she is smart enough to allow him to think he is.

Our baby girl is a little over five months old now and is (and has been) the best puppy. For the most part, she is a quiet little girl (rarely barks and never whines). Although she is not quite potty trained, she does sleep through the night in her crate. For some unknown reason, the dog door is still a challenge for her. She has a great nose on her and loves to be outside … even on cold days. We have taken her along on most errands because she is a wonderful rider. Surely she has received a record number of “Awww”’s from bank and fast food drive-thrus.

Alex is fiesty, protective, sweet and loving! What more could we ask for? Thank you to everyone at GA JRT Rescue for raising her and helping us find the perfect dog for our family!