Operation Maggie: Oklahoma

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Little Miss Maggie Mae arrived at our rescue in July 2012. A big ole powder puff, she was happy and sprite and ready for a second chance in life. She came from the shelter as a surrender, and we didn’t have much of a back story on her. It was, however, obvious she had been someone’s baby as she loved to be held and wanted desperately to be with people. She was so darn adorable and sweet that none of us imagined she would be with us for long.

Sadly, months passed and Maggie was still at the ranch. She is an older gal of 5 or 6 and fairly mellow. Most people looking for that kind of dog aren’t looking for a Jack Russell. Not saying Jacks can’t be tame, too, but … well, we all know. 😉 She needed someone who was going to be home a lot; to hold her and play with her and keep her company. She needed the perfect senior.

As much of a home as we try to make it here for these guys and girls, some dogs simply do not adapt to kennel life. We have been fortunate that it hasn’t happened very often, but like Ginger before her, Maggie was an exception. She cried so much to get out of her kennel and with people that she strained her trachea and she was starting to obsessively lick. Worst of all, she was beginning to chew on the bars and hurt her little teeth. We had to get her into a home, temporary or permanent, immediately and a couple of our amazing volunteers, who already have five dogs of their own, stepped up to foster her this week.

Meanwhile … 800 miles away in Oklahoma, that aforementioned “perfect senior” was about to appear. She had just lost her rescue of five years, was understandably heartbroken and needed a new baby to love. It was a darn good thing, then, that her daughter is one of our volunteers and knew just the perfect dog. The wheels were in motion to connect these two.

It took a team of volunteers and family working furiously for a few days to make it happen: Cara and Donna rushed to get her to the vet for a final check and get her ready to go. Kim picked up the precious cargo on Thursday and took her for a complimentary beauty treatment at WAG-A-LOT Decatur. (Thank you, guys!) After a night of playing with a pack of Jacks and Doxies (including one of our former rescues, Maxie), she was westbound to Tupelo, Miss., with Sally first thing Friday morning to meet her big brother, Stephen. Another eight hours and roadside site-seeing, she arrived at her new home and met her forever mom, Betty, last night. And this morning? The two of them are playing in their backyard together.

We will all miss our little Maggie, but it warms our hearts beyond words to know she is going to spend her days relaxing in her sunroom, watching squirrels and chasing birds on an acreage in the country. That may sound too good to be true, but it’s the absolute truth. How do I know? Maggie is now my baby sister. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who made this happen for this little girl and my mother. I don’t usually get personal in these posts as none of this about me, but this one was personal … and it meant the world to my family and me. I am so proud to be part of such a wonderful group.