They say “it comes in three’s” and, unfortunately, it has.

We lost Slick on Feb. 12. Eli was diagnosed with lung cancer this past Saturday. And, this afternoon, Odie crossed to the Rainbow Bridge during exploratory surgery at Crestview Animal Hospital.

This sweet boy had not “felt right” since he arrived back in August of 2015. His right eye has swollen and watered constantly, and he was always  a bit sensitive when we tried to leash him up to go walk and play. He had been through several tests, including x-rays, which found some issues with his back/discs. We tried him on different medications and therapies, with some improvement, but not what we had hoped for.

He started to show that he was truly miserable over the weekend, so Mama Donna took him in this morning for more thorough tests. They knew something wasn’t right, so he went straight to exploratory surgery … where they found inoperable, advanced nasal cancer that, doc confirmed, was causing him pain. There was an option to bring him back and say goodbye, but no, no, no. We would never put him through that, so we let him go.

You were an awesome Jack, Odie — so full of love, happiness and joy, even when you were dealing with so much pain that we didn’t understand. We hope you know how loved and cherished you were in your final days.