Yes, sir, that’s his baby … We’ve been sitting on this for awhile, waiting for a pic of Dad and baby, but we’re going to go ahead and make it public … Nog has been adopted!

Jeff Mattson has shared his lives with dogs, including his latest, Kirby Lee, whom he lost to cancer a couple of months ago. When we asked him what he likes about the breed? He said, “I had a Jack Russell for almost 17 years. They are smart, gritty, have few health issues as a breed, and I love their attitude!” Yep, you bet.

He was open to most of our dogs, but really had his eye on “big little Nog” and had even already named her Stevie when he showed up to meet the dogs. Despite the deluge of rain that was happening during his scheduled visit, he still came out, met her, scooped her up and took her home … and that’s that. She is his, and he is hers.

Jeff has discovered (which we rarely can at rescue) that she’s house trained and awesome. All of the neighbors kids’ love her sweet disposition. She’s mostly into her personal space and doesn’t care much for other dogs, but not to worry. She is daddy’s girl and we could not be happier.