New Logo, New Name … But the Dogs are the Same

It’s been several months in the works, but we’re ready to roll it out now: Introducing … our new official name and logo!

Georgia Jack Russell Rescue, Adoption and Sanctuary logo

We have “answered” to various names in the past. Our official documentation has us listed as Georgia Jack Russell Rescue, but our forward-facing name, websites, etc. is Georgia Jack Russell Adoption(s). No biggie, we do it all. Rescue and adoption have always been and will always be our primary goals, regardless of any dog’s age or health.

However, the hard, cold fact is that we have had some dogs come to our rescue who, unfortunately, never left or may never leave. It’s certainly not their fault. They are spunky, happy, little sweethearts who we love as our own. But the reality is that few people want to adopt a senior dog, a sick dog and/or a dog with behavioral issues.The financial and emotional burden is too difficult for most of us to bear. We know – we live it daily. It’s not easy.

Because of that, we have become somewhat of a sanctuary in recent years for these dogs. It wasn’t really our plan and, if the right person under the right circumstances happens to show up one day to adopt them, then we will happily let them go.

Short story long, though, we just wanted to let everyone know that we now cover all facets in regards to Jack Russells … and, yes, a few not-so-much Jack Russells, who we just adore. 😉

  • We rescue them.
  • We adopt them.
  • We provide a refuge/sanctuary for them.

As such, it was only appropriate that we let everyone know that by officially changing our name to Georgia Jack Russell Rescue, Adoption & Sanctuary. (Say that really fast 10x!) Sure, it’s a lot to bite off, but that’s OK: We’ll gladly answer to any of those names you refer to us as and we won’t be changing any website or social networking addresses any time soon. We will, however, be changing all of our branding on the social networks almost immediately. The website is a bigger beast (planning to make some great changes), so it will take a little longer.

Nothing else has changed. Mama Donna still runs the show; your donations still go to the same address and emails; the JRT ranch is still growing; and dogs are still being rescued, adopted and, in some cases, loved for the rest of their lives here. That will never change.