Mom and Babies Need Homes ASAP

PLEASE NOTE: This is a courtesy post. These pups are not located at our rescue. They are in a kill shelter.

This precious Terrier mix mom and her babies need homes ASAP. They are located at Elbert Co. Animal County, a small, rural shelter that has few intakes and even fewer adoptions. Their human surrendered them, but we are told they are all very adoptable.

Mom (#5721) is a friendly girl of about 23 lbs. She has a litter (#5722-5727) of 10- to 12-week-old babies with her – four females and 2 males, all approximately 10 lbs. Some are short-haired, some long; one (#5724) has a wiry terrier coat.

If you can save any or all of them, please contact volunteer

Please share. Let’s try to save this little family!

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