By now, you’ve read about and seen the photos from our Fall Vol Day last Saturday. Donna was blown away from the turnout and commitment of so many to help her with the dogs. There were a couple of years after Jimmy passed that it was just her and another friend/volunteer or two wrapping kennels. Suffice it to say, it took forever – and there wasn’t anyone around to walk and spend time with dogs.

She wanted to thank everyone personally. Here goes ..

Donna and Eli on Fall Vol Day

Donna and Eli on Fall Vol Day … who knows he’s spoiled?

Hey, everyone!

I was so blown away by everyone who showed up to help on Saturday,  all of the regular volunteers who work tirelessly every day, all the weekends, and the weekdays  all the time to save me and the dogs, all of you have adopted from the rescue who always show up when we ask you to help. A special thanks to all the new JR lovers who had no idea what they were getting into – and who may run next time we mention a day at the rescue!. Please, know I thank all of you straight from my heart.  I was amazed at how much work was done.

Thanks to all of you who came early, stayed later than you wanted, and all of you worked so hard to help get the plastic up to keep the dogs warm! Also to everyone for taking care of the inside dogs, so I could help outside – all of you who scooped, gave fresh water, put hay in the pens and houses, and walked dogs.

I think I have the best rescue ever and it is because of all of you! You brought food, played with dogs and cleaned up the mess on the inside and stayed to help clean up the mess on the outside. A special thanks to all of you who brought food, drinks and, most importantly, dessert!

A special thanks to Sally, who got us the potty that was well used. Also, a special thanks to Kim, who had a sad week but was right there all day!  I just can’t thank all of you enough I could say thanks a million times, but it would not be enough to tell you how much that meant to me.

I sat down Saturday and thought about the day and, of course, cried at how much everyone did for me and the dogs. You gave your entire day, a beautiful day you could have been biking, motorcycle riding, hiking and, yes, even fishing. You gave it all up for the dogs. The dogs and I think all of you are pretty special to us!

I was told the reason someone adopted a dog from me was because of our Facebook – all the pictures and how much everyone comes together for the dogs. All the positive energy that comes from all of you shows others how much we care of the dogs.

Kim calls us “Team Russell.” and I think that is perfect!  I am so thankful all of you find it in your hearts to pour so much love into the rescue.

One of our babies was adopted on Sunday, so all in all it was a GREAT weekend!”