You may have read yesterday’s Confessions of a Foster Failure post and liked the meme (that’s the photo with text, for those of us who aren’t true web geeks). It was definitely a hit on Facebook with tons of likes and shares. Jennifer (Pumpkin and Susie’s mom) has been busy, spending her summer vacation away from teaching special-needs children to sharing the special needs of rescues by creating several memes.

We will be sharing them on our social networks, but wanted to make all of them available here for you to share as well. Feel free to enlarge and Pin them individually from the gallery below or download and post them to your own social networks. Please, point them to whenever possible, so we can direct them to our rescues in need.

Thanks to Jennifer for all of these great graphics … and to Pumpkin, Susie and Chuckie for supporting their former rescues. 😉