We’ve been sitting on this announcement for a couple of weeks, bursting at the seams to share it — and now we can!

Our sweet, kiss-missy, freckle-faced puddin’ pop, Mavis, has gone to her forever home! We were surprised it took her so long to find a home, but we know the Brewsters did a lot to “prepare” her for her next family during her foster stay with them. 😉

She found that family with her new mom, Denise, and her four-legged brother, Isaac, and is now known as “May.” Mom says she’s “wonderful” (we knew that, of course) and is doing great with her brother. She loves her morning walks and the doggie door and spends all day, running in the yard and chasing squirrels. (You may recall, she’s pretty good at hunting lizards, too.)

Congratulations, baby! We know you waited a little longer than we thought you would, but what a great foster family you had while waiting and what a great family you have forever!