Mars Gets a New Start

“I couldn’t ‘do’ rescue. I would get too attached.”

We can’t tell you how many times we, as volunteers, have heard people say that. It’s discouraging, in a way, as those people would probably make the best volunteers because they have such an innate capacity to love and nurture. Alas, it is often easier just to write a check and avoid the conundrum of pure bliss and unexplainable loss when a rescue is adopted. (And that’s OK, too: Money doesn’t buy us happiness, but it definitely helps us pay for their medical bills!)

For those of us who do accept the challenges that come with rescue (and there are many), we won’t lie: It is hard to let go sometimes, but what an amazing feeling it is, especially when it’s a dog who has survived hardships and is moving on to a life of affection and unconditional love he/she so respectfully deserves.

Mars is one of those extra-special survivors.

The Backstory

mars, jack russell terrier, parson russell terrier, smilingThis gorgeous Parson Russell Terrier arrived at our rescue in 2010. He had been pulled from a high-kill shelter in 2009 by another rescue before arriving her. He was taunted by skin allergies and covered in scabs. It took a while to alleviate the symptoms (they still flare up on occasion), but he pulled through like a champ. We never knew his history, his family or why they chose to give him up. Certainly, he was a little feisty. He liked to do what he was bred to do: Chase cats and hunt smaller animals. But give him a ball, a bone or a treat and he was nothing short of the perfect terrier.

For years, we not only wondered how he ended up with us but why he was still with us. His sweet personality and gorgeous face blessed our hearts and websites for months. Anyone who saw him in photos or in person fell in love with him; yet, he only went home with one family. They had chickens; he was promptly returned.

All of that came to an end a few weeks ago when Gary and Barbara Siverts from Missouri stumbled across his photos on the website. They were smitten. They knew Jack Russells well; had lost a 15-year-old boy recently and had a 5-year-old female rescue at home. They were ready for a new boy. The only thing standing in the way was timing and logistics.

Forging the Plan

Sally and Kim, a couple of our dedicated volunteers who have gone above and beyond, stepped up almost immediately to offer transport to Tennessee out of their own pockets. Plans quickly took shape, and Mars left the rescue last night to get a much-needed bath and enjoy a Fourth of July cookout for the first time in years … or maybe even the first time, period.

This morning, he hopped into the truck and headed north to Nashville, where he met his new daddy, Gary. Gary had been emailing us for weeks, telling us how much in love with him they were and how they couldn’t wait to bring him home. They hit it off  and both are now en route to Springfield, where Mars will live on a golf course and chase balls for the rest of his life. (And, hopefully, when he’s not too busy running, shoot a note or two back home to let us know how he’s doing.)

Thank You

Thank you to Gary and Barbara for giving this handsome boy a new start in life. Thank you to Sally and Kim for making the trek to deliver him. Thank you, Donna, for taking such incredible care of him for those two years. We know your little “Mar-Mar” may as well have been one of your own and it wasn’t easy letting him go. And, of course, thank you to all of our supporters who give your time and/or hard-earned money to allow us to somehow continue to do things like this on a shoestring budget. This would not have been possible without your support.

Here are some photos of the journey to share with you …

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