Jack Russel Rescue Video

Makin’ a Movie!

Jack Russel Rescue Video
Okay, pet parents of our former rescues, we’re bugging you again … (Hush, you know you love it.)

Thanks to Facebook, many of you remain in touch with us and, even better, many of you continue to physically visit us on a monthly or weekly basis as volunteers and supporters. Woot!

We are working on a special video about our rescue. While it will showcase our pups currently waiting for their forever homes, we also want to share our happy endings. After all, it’s those success stories that keeps everyone moving forward. We have lots of great photos, which were showcased wonderfully in the slideshow by Pumpkin and Susie’s mom that we display at our adoption events. We will be using plenty of those in this, but we would also love to include some actual video.

How to Contribute

If you have video of your adopted baby/babies that you would like to include, please don’t hesitate to share it with us. We would love to see them doing what they love to do, but are open to all kinds of contributions.

There are several different ways to submit your video.

Electronic Format

If your video is already in electronic format (mpeg, avi, mov, etc.), you can send it directly to us. If it’s under 10MB, you can attach and email it to us. If it’s more than 10MB, you can upload it to our Dropbox folder. If you’re not sure of the size, use the Dropbox. To upload to Dropbox, follow this link and click on the web uploader link. This will allow you to browse your computer and upload your video directly. We can convert all types of files, so don’t worry too much about the format.

And if none of this makes any sense to you, email us and we’ll help you out. Our geek works for free. 😉

Disc Format

If your video is on a disc and you do not know how to transfer it to the computer, you can mail us the DVD and we will rip it and return it for you. Contact us for mailing information.

Other Things We Need


If you only have photos, that’s fine, too. Just email them to us or upload them to our Dropbox. Please, be sure to include your baby’s name and feel free to share their story, if you want. If not, we know Donna will remember. 😉


We also continue to ask for testimonials to add to the website. We have received a few, but need more. In short, we are looking for your experience with our rescue, be it as an adoptive pet parent, volunteer, friend/family, etc. Please email us your experiences with our rescue, so we can share with the world. We only ask for your name and city, state to make it legitimate.