lola, special needs, rescue, jack russell terrier, blind, puppy

Lola Update

lola, special needs, rescue, jack russell terrier, blind, puppy

Lola at the vet this morning with her incredible foster mom, Antoinette.

Little Lola went to her vet appointment this morning with her wonderful foster mom and one of our volunteers. Here is the update from our volunteer:

“The vet said her blindness is congenital; while her pupils dilate normally, the blood vessells are deformed. One eye is worse than the other, and she can only see shadows.

Her anxiety was observed and clearly evident due to no socialization. It was highly recommended that she gets behavioural modification training as soon as possible. A prescription was given for Prozac, but we want to try something natural first.

Her kneecap is causing issues, but not major. It is possible that it is an old injury that hasn’t mended properly. It isn’t affecting her walking, but an X-ray in future may be helpful if she shows signs of pain.

It was so obvious that Lola loves and trusts her Foster Mommy. I held Lola for a good 15 mins and she started to go to sleep in my arms … yep, I love her!”

What’s Next

The next step is arranging a consultation with a local training group to see what can be done to help her adjust and to receive socialization. We all agree the Prozac is a little much for this baby and would love to address her anxiety with something natural and positive, if possible. The family is going to try a natural supplement first to help her sleep better. The donated Thundershirt and Through a Dog’s Ear CDs have been helping as well.

 We will keep you updated on what happens next.

How to Help

Thanks to you, we were able to arrange this appointment while we still struggling to pay vet bills for Hartley and, now, Pippa. If you would like to help us cover the bills for these precious babies, please see the ChipIns below. If you cannot view them because they are in Flash, you can donate on our general donations page. You may also donate directly to the vet bills at the addresses below each dog.

As always, we will keep you posted on their progress and the differences your donations are directly making in the lives of dogs who need it most.

Donate directly to vet:
Conyers Animal Hospital
c/o Donation to Georgia Jack Russell/Lola
1425 Klondike Rd SW
Conyers GA 3009
Donate directly to vet:
Lithonia Animal Hospital
c/o Donation to Georgia Jack Russell/Pippa
2015 Rock Chapel Rd.
Lithonia, GA 30058