We Couldn’t Have Said it Better


Lola was always a love bug with the vols.

This is one of those adoption stories that we couldn’t have written … literally. That’s why we’re leaving it up to Sue to tell it like it is. Lola has been with her for 10 months, adjusting and settling in. It’s just now that we can finally announce she is official.

They often say “you never know what you’ll get” when you adopt a rescue dog. This is absolutely true; there’s no denying it. Sometimes you’ll get the perfect dog that someone just couldn’t keep or contain because of their own personal challenges. Other times? You’ll get a dog who truly needs help and you are the perfect one to help them.

And other times? You’ll get a seemingly perfect dog who doesn’t show their true colors until they’re comfortable and confident in a home again. 🙂

Whatever the experience … If you’re willing to grow and work with them, they will give you something back in return that you could have never thought possible … and we’re not just talking about vet bills or replacing furniture and shoes … or dentures.

Lola, Lola, Lola!

L.O.L.A. – Lots Of Licks Always / Lots Of Love Always

Mr. Wiggles

Mr. Wiggles in his forever home with mom Sue

My Lola adoption story really starts in January of 2014 when I adopted my first JRT-mix, Mr. Wiggles. I had just lost my beautiful, sweet-natured Husky mix after 10 years, Tybee (who was born in the woods near Tybee Island with an infection that caused her legs to become partially paralyzed, so that they were stiff and bent the wrong way at the hocks – but which never slowed her down or impaired her sweet spirit).

Kim Davis had just the dog I was looking for: Mr. Wiggles! After being lovingly fostered with Kevin and Elisa, we received the best dog! Mr. Wiggles became a great addition to the family – for me and my Mom, Annette, who lives with me. I’ve always had bigger dogs, but really enjoyed having a smaller snuggle buddy.

When First We Met

So, in the summer of 2015, I started thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to have a companion for Mr. Wiggles and another little snuggle buddy? Kim said the rescue had just received a cute, sweet little lap girl who loved to be held, so we took a road trip to the rescue in October 2015 and brought little Miss Lola home.

Every Dog is Different … Yes, Indeed!

Sue and Mr. Wiggles meeting Lola at last year’s JRT Reunion.

Of course, every dog is different, but here are a few things we quickly learned about Lola in both real terms and dollars and cents:

  1. She can slip right through my wrought iron fence. I was introducing her to my yard and went inside to bring Mr. Wiggles outside and there was a knock on my door. My neighbor was just wondering if I knew there was a little dog sitting on my front porch? $200 for my handyman to install black plastic fencing on the bottom half of the fence. p.s. she can jump right over the top of the black plastic fencing: $200 to re-install black plastic fencing 3/4 of the way up the fence.
  2. She is a good snake hunter. I had a visit scheduled with my vet for two weeks after I brought Lola home. Before we made it there, I had to bring her in for an emergency visit after she dug in the pine straw and got bit by a snake on her front paw. $300 vet visit. At her first “official vet visit” and follow up to the visit the prior week, when I told the vet about her background – she was found in a Florida trailer park and thought to be about a year old – she chuckled a bit and said, “What sharp little teeth you have!” Not counting this vet visit – would have gone anyway.
  3. She likes the smell and taste of my Mom’s dentures. $1,200.
  4. She hides her bones for future enjoyment-behind couch and chair cushions, in shoes at the back of the closet, behind bed pillows, in corners, behind plants. No additional cost because she eventually retrieves them.
  5. She jumps on my Mom’s lap when the phone rings in the early evening when I call on my way home from work – and gives her and the phone a good licking. Free.
  6. She crawls behind the blanket on the sofa and inside pillowcases for a comfy place to sleep. Free.
  7. She is very sweet. Jackpot!

The Final Decision … for a Little Stinker

As cute and sweet as Lola is, being a young dog with higher energy and a greater curiosity-factor than Mr. Wiggles, we struggled with making sure she was a good fit for our situation, primarily because my Mom is home with the dogs during the day when I’m at work. And because I travel fairly regularly, my mom cares for them when I’m out of town.

After I returned from a two-week vacation in May, Lola had acted out a little while I was gone, chewing a hole in the dining room rug (under the table – no one will ever notice) and we were concerned she was going to be a little too much to handle.

After some dog training in our home, new dog toys and occasional doggie day care and play dates with the neighbor’s dogs, things are going more smoothly and we have settled into a routine.

And Annette has pretty much forgiven Lola for chewing up her dentures.

We call her our little stinker.

In Her Happy Place