Santa Oscar

Former GA JRT rescue Oscar … Santa’ing it up!

OK, friends, we have yet another wonderful way to help earn a grant for the dogs this month and this, personally, is one of our favorites! We were one of Dogly’s first recipients of their “most loves” grants a year ago; then we won it again in the spring and also took home a creative grant with Brigit. WOOF!
That’s not why we love them, though. Co-founder Jane Turner came to visit us in the spring and is just beyond lovely. She and her daughter, Cory’s, and “Team Dogly’s” mission to help rescues is beyond awesome. Did we say beyond? Heck, yes!

We are Terriers, though, so bring on the competition. They have major grants available this month …

  • 10 creators will receive $1,000 grants for their chosen shelter on Dogly, selected by Dogly Executive Creative Dogs for outstanding creativity in all of their Dogly posts this year
  • 1 shelter will receive $1,000 for the “most loves” for the month of December.

We are on the leadership board and we’ve seen some of your Santa photos. So. Much. Goodness. This is free, fun and your dog (does not have to be one of our rescues, a rescue or even a Jack) could be a rock star!

If you’ve “played” before, load up that Dogly app in your smartphone or tablet and start uploading and loving the photos that support our rescue. If you’re not sure what to do, go to and follow the directions.

Let’s rock the end of the year, Russell style