Let’s Find Fancy a Forever Home

Fancy has had a whirlwind two months.

The Rescue

A photo of her sad, sweet face graced our Save a Jack wall in early May. She was an owner surrender, and there was something about her eyes that haunted us. After 6-7 years with her family, she had been abandoned and was scheduled to be put down. (Our guess is that her owner may have died and the family did not want to take care of her.) One of our volunteers decided to sponsor her on her PTS day, and another volunteer pulled her within minutes. Her demeanor was very sweet, and she loved to cuddle. It was hard to imagine anyone letting her go.

She wasn’t perfect, though … she was sick.

The Recovery

She was only at our rescue for a few hours when we heard the disheartening sounds of kennel cough. We kept her isolated and treated her for it, but it rapidly grew worse. She developed a fever, stopped eating and became a little “snot bomb.” This wasn’t just kennel cough; this was something more severe going on. We took her to our vet, where she stayed for almost a week on fluids while a plethora of tests were run and treatments attempted. She was taken to a second vet, who agreed with the first vet’s theory: A severe case of canine flu.

We couldn’t afford to board her at the vet and we didn’t want to subject her to the chaos of other dogs around at rescue. That’s when one of our amazing supporters, Jane Cox, stepped up to take her into her home during this difficult recovery process. We received daily reports on her progress, and she eventually made a full recovery and grew strong enough to be spayed, which happened last week. It took her a whole day to spring back this time. 😉

She has been celebrating her newfound health and happiness the past week in the Smoky Mountains with a couple of our volunteers who have a Jack pack of their own. (Yes, the same ones who were wonderful enough to donate their cabin during our spring raffle!) She has been on nature hikes, has gone for car rides through the mountains, has received some professional instruction on the fine art of sitting and being quiet and even went kayaking one day.

What more could any dog ask for?! Yes, that’s right: A permanent home.

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The Road Ahead

Fancy returns to Atlanta this weekend and is ready for adoption. She is healthy and up-to-date on her shots. She has plenty of terrier fire in her (see the photo under the deck), but she’s also very well-behaved, crate trained and will stay close to whoever she is with. She does well in a group because she loves company, but she would make someone a very faithful/solo dog as well. She definitely loves people – so much so that she wants to snuggle 24/7. Be sure you’re up for some serious puppy love! 😉

It will be hard to let go of our “million dollar shelter dog,” who has graced the homes and hearts of so many of our volunteers/fosters the past few weeks during her recovery. But we are thrilled to see her healthy and we want nothing more than for her to find a real forever home. She beat the shelter and the flu; this girl has a purpose!

If you are looking for a happy, easy-going lapdog to love on, look no further. Give us a call at 770-918-8582 if you would like to meet her and/or download and complete our application and we’ll get the process started.