Kennedy at laser treatment

This my Joe Cool impression …

Kennedy at laser treatments

Joyce, the vet tech, is smitten with him! He sits very quietly for his treatments.

Kennedy had the sixth laster treatment on Saturday. This is the final treatment of our “trial” period suggested by Dr. Smith, and we wanted to share an update … not to mention these adorable photos. He has managed to woo every vet and vet tech he meets.

The Results so Far

Unfortunately, we have not seen a real noticeable improvement in his mobility or increased stability in his rear legs. As we discussed with Dr. Smith, there are two issues being addressed by the laser therapy: pain/inflammation and use of his rear legs. We know that Kennedy is not in significant pain as he is currently on anti-inflammatories and pain medication. The laser therapy may also be helping manage inflammation and pain, but since Kennedy can’t tell us, “Hey, folks, I feel a lot better!,” it is difficult to know.

The use of his rear legs does not seem to be much different than prior to starting the therapy, so Dr. Smith recommended extending the therapy another six treatments to see if we note any increased stability and improvement in his walking.  There is no downside to trying additional therapy as there is likely some improvement at least in the area of pain management. He will receive six more treatments over the next three weeks, and we’ll have another update then.

What’s Next?

Kennedy seems to have a great little spirit and clearly is not ready to give up.  He wants to get around and loves to play ball. He is in very good health, except for his floppy rear end, and he has charmed everyone at the vet office with his good manners and sweet disposition.  He is the perfect gentleman for his appointments and treatment.

Staying Mobile

Given that he is pretty advanced with his condition and has difficulty walking, running, etc. we asked when would be the appropriate time to consider a wheelchair. Dr. Smith indicated that he could probably benefit from one now since he demonstrates the desire to play ball, explore the yard, and take walks. Dr. Smith assisted us with locating a supplier and taking the appropriate measurements for a cart.

We know several people have fallen in love with this boy with the undying spirit, so we have kicked off a fundraiser  to raise money for his wheelchair and additional laser treatments. If you never thought your $10 would go far before, this time it will and we’ll be sure to show you exactly how it helps improve his life.

Stay tuned for the next update …