Katie and Gracie

Katie and Gracie’s Northern Adventure

We are thrilled to announce that Katie and Gracie have arrived at their new home in Michigan. What an amazing group effort it was to make this transport happen for two special girls who have been through so much.

So many thank you’s are in order …

  • Kim Davis for organizing the volunteer drivers and travel arrangements so quickly and so thoroughly. We could have never done this without you!
  • WAG-A-LOT Decatur for the complimentary spa treatments for the girls.
  • Super Sal for stepping up as always and driving the Atlanta to Knoxville leg.
  • Anne Ross for opening up her home for a slumber party last night and driving them with friend, Dana, from Knoxville to Cincinnati this morning.
  • Emily Messenger for driving them from Cincinnati to Deb’s doorstop in Michigan this afternoon.

And, of course, we want to thank Deb Zarish beyond words for adopting these sweethearts. We knew that it was going to be challenging to place the girls. Even the most savvy JRT lover isn’t up for the adopting two at a time, much less older girls. Many people won’t even look twice at a dog over 3 years old. None of this meant anything to her. She was more than ready to give the girls a wonderful second chance. We knew after talking with her that they were getting a great home … and her friends backed that up in emails, testifying what an amazing person she is and a great life they will have. What a wonderful group of JRT lovers up there!

Here are the photos from the journey we posted to Facebook as it happened. Enjoy!