This may be the most amazing weekend ever! Fosters, fosters, adopters, adopters, everywhere … for us, at least. That meant 3-4 for other rescues’ 30-40. 😉 But we’ll take those small but huge victories.

Jax (now already known as Deacon – pst, that tells you something) went home on a trial basis with his new parents, Angie and Corey. They found him online, fell in love with those big ears and that huge smile and heart (didn’t we all?) and showed up with treats, toys and a new bed for the ride home. He hopped right into the car and knew he was going home.

Angie cried. Mama Donna cried. We all cried.

He’s still on his two-week trial and “refundable,” but we’re thinking this might be the real deal. 😉