March definitely came in like a lion … Lots of activities and, best of all, lots of adoptions!

Tessa Saying Goodbye

Tessa Takes Off

After spending several unhappy months at the rescue, Tessa took off on her voyage up north to Canine Commitment in New Hampshire. We have close friends there and knew she would be fostered like a queen until she found her forever home … and she was. Within weeks, she was scooped up and is living the forever life in a home where she belongs.

Susie Graduating Obedience Class

Susie Shows Off

Susie, who was abandoned at the kill shelter with her puppies in 2012, showed everyone just what a rescue dog is capable of by graduating obedience classes. Like her sister Pumpkin the year before, she had risen from a worst-case rescue scenario with miscellaneous health issues into a butterfly, thanks to the love and care of their parents, James and Jennifer Roose.

She continues to excel in everything she does and is a true example that rescue dogs are not “broken.”

Petco Calendar

Calendar Contest

At the encouragement of many, we entered the “Life is Better Together” photo contest sponsored by Petco. It required everyone’s participation and cost $1/vote. We had to raise 1,500 votes to be eligible for the $1,500 grant – and we did! In fact, due to your dedication and networking, we received a grant for $2,006! One of our entries by Shirley Terrier of Joey and Leeloo was even selected for the 2014 calendar!

It was an awesome Team Russell effort. We can’t wait to do it again.

Be sure to get your calendar! It’s full of coupons.

Super Sal's Service Award

Super Sal’s Service Award

We were proud to recognize Sally Hall, one of our volunteers of many years, for receiving an AT&T President’s Volunteer Service Award for her efforts with the rescue. Another one of our volunteers received the same recognition the year before. What can we say, we have awesome volunteers! If you work for AT&T or another corporation, be sure to check into this program. It could mean grants for the rescue!

<’h3′ class='av-special-heading-tag' itemprop="headline" >’Zack

Zack, who would become known as Carson, also found his forever parents, Mike and Lily Goldstein. Carson and his parents (and entire family!) have since become an integral part of our volunteer family. We can’t thank them (and him!) enough.

Lily on Adoption Day


Lily went home with her forever family, the Kurkuses. They gave her the much-needed, one-on-one attention and guidance she needed to be the good dog she is … and she has absolutely blossomed in their care.

Katie and Jack


Little Jack also found his forever home with mom, Katie, and Dalmation sister, Cruella.