Jack Flashback 2012: Susie

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The photo that did us in! They had to be saved.

We first saw Susie and her six puppies on the rescue boards. They were in a high-kill shelter and scheduled to be put down. We couldn’t fathom the reality, but were out of room at the time and there was no way we could handle raising puppies. One our volunteers/fosters, Terri, took the whole group in and raised the babies to adoption. Delilah decided she would stay with mom. 😉

When Susie was ready to let her babies go, she came to see us. She had anxiety issues, liver problems, bad teeth from poor nutrition and buckshot pellets lodged under her skin from where some not-so-nice people shot at her … and that’s just naming a few of her issues. It was going to take a lot of work and funds to help her become the dog she deserved to be.

Once again, the Roose family stepped up to take one of our down-and-out rescues to the next level … and then some. They had done an amazing job with Pumpkin, who was our success story of 2011, and we knew Susie was destined to a life in horse-carriage heaven.

Here’s the latest photos and an update from the Roose Family:

The girls riding with Mom.

Hello to all our friends at the Rescue and Momma Donna,

There is so much to tell you about how Pumpkin and Susie have grown over this past year. We have seen some real highs and lows, but we continue to move forward in our training. We prove that rescues, no matter how bad their background, are not damaged goods.

Pumpkin is doing well. She was doing advanced level agility over the summer and was set to show in the fall until mommy dislocated her knee, so she has to practice in the back yard for a while. We hope to restart real training after February. We have not stopped working on her other issues, and she is a solid citizen at the dog park. Her heart condition has remained stable this year, so we are set to go! We are proof special needs dogs can go on to become great pets.

Susie has been doing great. She graduated from basic obedience and has been doing beginner agility. She is able to do four elements without a leash. We have been working on her people issues. She no longer runs when a stranger approaches or cowers at every loud noise.  Her liver is working much better, and she eats like a horse. Lately, she has been doing much better at the dog park by engaging in play with other dogs, small children, and the elderly. My how we have grown!

Both Pumpkin and Susie are still rolling in the carriage every Saturday with big brother, Bubbles the Horse. They love their long rides in the sunshine. It took a while for them to figure out who gets to ride ‘shotgun’. Pumpkin gets to ride in the seat with mom.

Have a Merry Christmas,
The Roose Family

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