Jack Flashback 2012: September

September was a month that truly tested our patience and will to go on. Had it not been for the introduction of some new (amazing!) volunteers, we could not have gotten through it.

Heartbreak Hotel

Two heartbreaking cases of neglect, Chloe and Pippa arrived in September … even though we were once again full. After countless vet visits and surgeries, Chloe is still struggling. She has not gained weight as we had hoped. She remains feisty, but we may have to reassess her situation soon. Despite some lung damage from heartworms, Pippa sailed through her treatments and has is now being spoiled rotten in her foster home.

Little Lola

Lola graduating in November.

Lola graduating in November.

No one will forget sweet Lola’s photos … and challenges. She was pulled by another rescue and fostered by the Mitcham family. No one could understand how this adorable little girl was left at the shelter … until the truth came to light. She was blind. And unsocialized. An anxious.

Thanks to the dedication and commitment from her foster family, Lola graduated from the pint size class at Jabula Dog Academy in November! She still has a lot to learn, but this is a huge step forward for this special-needs girl who has been through and overcome so much already.

Her family has also become a priceless addition to our volunteer group. They are always out at the ranch, taking care of dogs, delivering hay, making repairs and helping in any way they can. Their passion and involvement has been priceless.

Rocket’s Assessment

Rocket, one of our two fear-aggressive boys, left the ranch for the day to meet Lisa Matthews of Pawsitive Practice. She gave him a complementary evaluation – and a complimentary one. He can someday be adoptable with the correct training. We tried to make that happen, but missed the classes because of bigger emergencies. On a good note, he has had exposure to a lot more volunteers since then and has learned to trust a lot easier. Thanks again to Lisa for her help and to all of the volunteers who have worked with him.

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Campaigns for the Jacks

We kicked off a couple more campaigns in September, including Get Yer ‘Backs, Jacks and the Belk ticket sale. We are still avidly seeking donations from small businesses as we are planning a big auction and several events next year. Learn more.


Ginger’s Big Adventure

Ginger was also breaking our hearts. She arrived happy and spry, but started to show signs of kennel depression after a few weeks. We were thrilled beyond words when a woman named Bonnie reached out to us from Ohio and wanted to adopt her. You know what’s coming now: How on earth could we get her there without a transport system? Thanks to the power of Facebook, a couple of doggone good Samaritans, Kasey and Kimberly, stepped up and made the long but amazing trip.

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